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The moment an adorable Pomsky knew she’d messed up

You can see the regret in poor Scarlett’s eyes

Danielle Elton

Posted 6 months ago

We all know our dogs love a treat or two, given half the chance they’d probably scoff the whole bag.

But we owners can use this to our advantage, treats are often a good tool in training our dogs and teaching them new tricks.

One owner who has been showcasing her dog’s new trick is @zoe_zimmerman.

She posted a video of her dog Scarlett on Tik Tok with a caption that read: “Try this with your dog and see their reaction.”

The video shows Scarlett being given a choice of hands, with one containing just one treat and the other with a handful.

She had two choices, and Pomsky Scarlett chose the wrong one. A decision you could see she instantly regretted.

Instead of taking the treats, Scarlett just glances at them before staring at her owner, visibly disappointed.

The video has had more than 23 million views.

One user commented: “Omg! He knows he messed up!! His expression is priceless.”

A second wrote: “I love how he won’t eat a single biscuit, too much pride.”

A third added “The regret in his eyes.”

“I immediately regret my decision, I demand a recount,” said a fourth.

Another commented: “Dog: What kind of witchcraft is this?”

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