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The Maltese cross who looks so much like Mickey Mouse

She’s absolutely adorable and us Disney fans just can’t cope

Danielle Elton

Posted 5 months ago

Instagram - @marupgoma_c

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When it comes to Disney characters, the first one that springs to mind is, of course, Mickey Mouse - he’s the OG of Disney!

Synonymous for the shape of his face including those big round ears, he’s instantly recognisable worldwide.

He’s definitely an icon.

And someone who obviously thinks so is this absolutely adorable dog named Goma - she’s got a striking resemblance to Mickey Mouse with those ears, or should we say Minnie Mouse given that Goma is a girl.

The seven-year-old Maltese-Papillon cross has gained quite the following on Instagram, and we reckon the way she looks will definitely have something to do with it.

Instagram - @marupgoma_c

She’s amassed 110k followers.

Her owner posts lots of adorable photos of Goma, including some playing on her Disney appearance, a bit like the photo of her wearing a Minnie bow tie.

She even has her own Disney dog bed!

Instagram - @marupgoma_c

Could she get any cuter?

Although she looks very much like a Disney legend, we think Goma is a legend in her own right.

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