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The hidden store selling cheap big brand dog food

How to cut your dog food costs without ditching quality


Posted 6 months ago ago

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Dog food can be expensive and on top of the cost of insurance, doggy day care and other expenses it can quickly add up.

According to Purina, dog food can cost up to £50 a month. It says: "Dog food is a significant expense and on average, works out to be around £25 - £50 a month, depending on if you’re looking to feed wet, dry or a combination of both. And, don’t forget about the treats too!"

If it costs up to £600 a year to feed your dog, keeping that cost down is going to be a top priority.

Luckily there is a way to access cheaper dog food from your favourite brand by accessing a little-known section of one of the world's biggest shopping destinations.

Amazon is one of the world's biggest online superstores and a simple search will show you thousands of results for dog food including most of the world's biggest brands. You get free delivery if you sign up for Amazon Prime but there is a way to get it even cheaper.

A hidden Amazon section called Subscribe and Save is a handy way to get cheap dog food delivered to your door. The subscription service cuts between 15-20% off the price of ordering when you set it up. You can specify how often you want deliveries or cancel them in advance if you still have enough food.

You can sign up here and Amazon will delivery discount dog food to your door whenever you need.

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