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The football mad dog who wants to help England win the Euros

The clever dog is obviously loving the football just as much as us England supporters

Danielle Elton

Posted 2 months ago ago

We all know that our dogs love a ball to play with, hours of fun can be had with a game of fetch while out on walkies. 

But what about football? Do they love this popular game as much as we do?

We’d like to think so, and we’ve seen some adorable doggy accessories meaning our pets can ‘suppawt’ during Euro 2020 in style.

One dog who likes to watch the beautiful game, and even wants to catch the ball, is this beautiful German Shepherd. 

The clever dog can be seen following the ball from one end of the pitch to the other while his owners watch England on TV.

He obviously wants to join the players on the pitch.

In a video posted on TikTok by @charlottetate6, the dog can be seen following the ball from side to side, trying to get his paws on what he must think is a toy.

The on-screen caption read: “Can’t catch the ball son but good try.”

The video has so far had 19.6k views, but we think it deserves a lot more as it’s absolutely adorable.

It was posted before the Three Lion’s latest victory in the quarter-finals against Ukraine and so many commented on how the dog would be better than the actual players although Gareth Southgate’s side did end up winning 4-0, so we’re not sure they’d say the same thing now.

One commented: “He is more interested in the ball than the actual team - he has his priorities straight, that dog.”

A second added: “He’s better than any English or Scottish player.”

A third wrote: “Aww bless him, he wants to help England.”

“Aww bless him, he wants the ball,” said another.

We thought this video was absolutely worth sharing, it really tickled us. How does your dog react to football on TV?

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