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The Easter treats our dogs are going to love

We love any excuse to spoil them

Danielle Elton

Posted 6 months ago ago

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Mmmmm Easter, already I’m thinking about all of the chocolate.

But it’s not just us who can enjoy all of the treats that come our way during this time of the year - our dogs can too.

Easter eggs for dogs? Yes, they’re a thing. But no need to worry about chocolate poisoning, while the packaging could have you fooled, they’re made entirely from dog-friendly ingredients. 

And it’s not only Easter eggs our dogs can look forward to this Easter, Pets At Home also sells a range of bunny-themed toys and treats for your dog to enjoy. 

Our favourite has got to be this Woofy Easter bunny toy with carrot dog chews. Whose dog wouldn’t enjoy playing with these?

And did we mention it only costs £6? That’s no more than you might pay for an Easter egg for a family member, and our dogs are part of the family too. They’re our furbabies, and any excuse to give them a treat we’ll take.

The plush bunny has a squeaker to keep your dog entertained for hours and the carrot chews are an alternative to rawhide. 

And if your dog just can’t get enough of the Easter-themed dog chews, you can also buy those separately for £2.

The novelty treats are suitable for dogs aged between one and seven years old.

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