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The 'coolest dog house ever' has stained glass windows and a living roof

The dog house, which matches the owners' house, featured on Living Big in a Tiny House

Caroline Abbott

Posted 2 months ago ago

Ziski and Ryan's tiny house and tiny tiny house (Source: Living Big in a Tiny House)

by Caroline Abbott

“This is one of the coolest dog houses that I’ve ever seen!” These were the words of Bryce Langston, presenter and producer of Living Big in a Tiny House, when he saw the black-and-white dog house a couple built to match their own house.

The “tiny tiny house” even has stained glass windows, which Bryce said made it luxurious, and a living roof.

The property was built in Auckland, New Zealand, by couple Ziski and Ryan, who took Bryce on a tour for a 20-minute episode on his YouTube channel Living Big in a Tiny House, which has more than four million subscribers.

The dogs who live in the "tiny tiny house" (Source: Living Big in a Tiny House)

The couple have two beautiful dogs who live in the dog house. Ziski and Ryan, who are both vegan and try to grow some of their own food, have banned the dogs from their garden.

“The dogs also really enjoy gardening,” explained Ryan. “Oliver decided to pull up the potatoes earlier than they were ready so we had a handful of mash and we learned we need to do our gardening in a separate space.”

The "tiny tiny house" even has stained glass windows (Source: Living Big in a Tiny House)

Ziski told Bryce about the dog house. She said: “It’s got a living roof, which we would’ve loved to have on this house but it was a little bit hard to move so this was the next best thing, and it’s also really good insulation for them.

“It’s got windows and it’s big enough for us and the dogs to go and chill out in, which is really nice. [The windows] are from a demo yard and the cladding on the outside is the offcuts of our house.”

Dog owners Ziski and Ryan can fit inside the dog house (Source: Living Big in a Tiny House)

Bryce heard that the couple built the tiny house themselves but the only project they’d done before was a raised planter for the garden, so they lent on the tiny house community and some close friends with building experience.

Their house measures 9m long, 3.1m wide and 4.1m tall from the ground.

The whole episode entitled “Is This The Coolest DIY Tiny House EVER?!” can be seen here. The series takes tours of some of the world’s most amazing tiny houses and creative small spaces.