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The bubbly Terrier that loves a chase and is always up for having fun

Their plucky nature makes them an independent breed that's easy to look after

Lorna Doran

Posted 3 months ago

By Rachel Rutherford

Big-hearted, bold, boisterous and bubbly, border terriers might be small in size but are big on personality.

Bright in both nature and intellect, borders always want to know what’s going on; some may call it nosy, but we prefer inquisitive. Filled with mischief and intrigue and constantly alert to their surroundings, they are always eager to discover something new.

Whether it’s just a short walk or a hike for miles, through tough terrains or wild weather, the hardy breed just loves to be involved. Surprisingly speedy for such a small dog, their hunting instincts mean they love a chase and are always up for having fun.

This plucky nature makes them a fairly independent breed that is easy to look after and leave to their own devices. They can easily keep themselves entertained, even when they’re not out for the count sleeping or warming themselves in any cascading sun that’s near. With a love of all things interesting, their enthusiasm for toys and play is heart-warming for all owners to see. 

Like most terriers, borders have an overflowing amount of personality. They love to make themselves known and share their gregarious nature with everyone around. No matter their age, they hold onto their charming characteristics and continue their funny quirks everyday. From bounding around energetically to being gentle and loving, the breed covers all bases. 

The perfect companion, they love to be close by and show affection, offering a never-ending supply of cuddles and ‘kisses’. They definitely make themselves a part of the family with their chatty vocality and intuitiveness. Plus, it’s hard to say no to the tilting head and alert ears that make border terriers so expressional. 

Ranging in size and with varying hair colours and types, each border terrier has their own individual look that makes them extra special. Paired with their constantly happy state, their otter-like features are unique to the breed and soften their rough exterior into an adorable pooch. 

With an abundance of hardiness and friendliness, the border terrier is an image of the North East.

Vet Linda, from Pooch & Mutt, says:

1. Border Terriers were bred in the north in the hills shared by England and Scotland, hence the word ‘border’ in their name. Farmers would keep them as company and general farm dogs; they excelled at hunting vermin in particular. Historically, they have also been used in fox hunts.

2. A terrier by nature as well as by name, the Border Terrier is tenacious, spirited and confident. They need plenty of attention and have seemingly endless energy. Owners will get the most out of them by providing them with a variety of exercise and mentally stimulating activities. These smart dogs are especially good at problem solving.

3. The Border Terrier can be prone to certain health issues including epilepsy, progressive retinal atrophy and Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease. Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease causes a progressive lameness and muscle wastage of the hips. This orthopaedic disease can usually be diagnosed with X-rays. Owners can offer Puppy Joint Supplements (such as Pooch & Mutt’s Puppy Daily Care Supplements) from 12 weeks in an attempt to maintain health joints.

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