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The adorable Frenchie absolutely ‘vibing’ to Beyonce

The dancing dog sure has some moves

Danielle Elton

Posted 5 months ago ago

It can be all too easy to forget that our little furbabies are not actually human - they comfort us when we’re not feeling ourselves, they're loyal and loving, and they give the best cuddles.

But while they have some amazing, almost human-like, qualities and skills, dancing is probably not one of them.

Or is it?

One dog who’s got some serious moves is this dancing Frenchie. 

In a video posted by @gavriluta.x.calin on Tik Tok, the adorable dog can be seen headbanging and having a boogie to ‘Survivor’ by Destiny’s Child.

He’s obviously vying for a place on the Beyhive.

The Beyonce-loving dog has gone viral with the video getting 8.7 million views. 

At one point he is interrupted by his owner but after a disapproving look, he carries on dancing.

And users on Tik Tok are loving his moves.

One commented: “What a lovely little dance, he got the moves.”

A second wrote: “The way he paused and then carried on vibing.”

A third added: ““Man really looked at you and said don’t interrupt.”

“I’m telling my children this dog was part of Destiny’s Child,” said another.

But while many were adoring of the Frenchie, others suggested he wasn’t actually dancing.

One user said: “He’s probably just trying to get up and u think he’s dancing.”

A second added: “It never ceases to amaze me how many people think dogs are being cute when they do this when the dog actually has worms and needs treatment!!!”

“It’s all fun and games til he gets up and your beautiful white rug has a lovely chocolate stain on it,” said another.

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