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The 11 fastest dog breeds worthy of Olympic glory

These dogs will definitely give you a run for your money!

Nia Dalton

Posted 2 months ago ago

There’s one activity that seems to unite the majority of dogs - their love for running.

Whether it’s being let off the lead in a spacious field, chasing a ball on the beach, or scampering towards food at dinner time, many of our dogs love to run.

From dogs bred for racing to dogs bred for hunting, there are plenty of lightning-fast canines that would make the 100 metre sprint look like a walk in the park.

Ahead of the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games, TeamDogs have ranked 11 of the fastest dog breeds to ultimately determine how their characteristics make them such speedy runners. 

11.Standard Poodle

Standard Poodle (Image: Getty)

Surprisingly, Poodles are some of the fastest dogs in the world. Bred as duck hunters in France, Poodles can weigh more than 70 pounds but run just over 30 pmh. And their moisture-resistant coat also makes them efficient swimmers. As speedy on land as they are on water. 

10.Border Collie

Border Collie (Image: Getty)

Border Collies are natural herders and known for their high endurance. Back in the day, it wasn’t unusual for these dogs to run 50 miles a day herding sheep in Scotland. With an average pace of 30 mph, we can see why! This medium-sized dog needs lots of exercise to burn off their high energy.

9.Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher (Image: Getty)

This intelligent Scottish deerhound was bred in Scotland for deer hunting. Their sleek, muscular bodies make them brilliant guard dogs, rescue dogs, military dogs and runners. At 32 mph, they can chase down any offender with speed and agility. With a gentle and affectionate personality, they are also perfect family dogs.


Borzoi (Image: Getty)

Originally bred in Russia for hunting rabbits, foxes and wolves, Borzois are quick and agile. They are able to run at an impressive speed of 36 mph with their long fur fluttering in the wind. This medium-tall pup is also known for its laid-back personality.


Dalmatian (Image: Getty)

Dalmatians were bred in Croatia to run miles alongside carriages to fend off highway robbers, so you can imagine they have an endless capacity for exercise. This spotty breed is equipped with agility and stamina, with an average speed of 37 mph. Dalmations are both intelligent and protective in their nature.

6.Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier (Image: Getty)

These small pups can keep up with any jogger. Jack Russell Terriers were originally bred in England for foxhunting, and are described as high-spirited and playful. At an average of 38 mph, they have quick little feet and can run like the wind.


Whippet (Image: Getty)

With an average speed of 34 mph, it’s no surprise Whippets were once bred to hunt small rodents. This medium-sized dog would fare well in a 3000 metre race, because they can maintain high speeds for long distances. Whilst they possess a high prey drive, Whippets are full of charm and personality.


Vizsla (Image: Getty)

Bred in Hungary for pointing and retrieving, Vizslas are built very thin but full of muscle. This medium-sized dog has a need for speed and can keep up with a 40 mph runner. Whilst they are lean and active, Vizslas are also affectionate and gentle in their nature.

3.Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound (Image: Getty)

You shouldn’t be fooled by an Afghan Hound’s fluffy coat. Racing at a rapid 40 mph, this breed will leave fur waving in the wind. One of the oldest dog breeds in the world, the Afghan Hound was originally used to hunt in the desert in Afghanistan. Tall and elegant, this dog also has quite a silly personality.


Saluki (Image: Getty)

Coming in a close second is the Saluki, with a top speed of 42 mph. Salukis were bred for hunting down prey in the Middle East, and their heavily padded feet are built to absorb the impact of running. This speedy medium-sized dog is very active and needs space to roam in a fenced-in area.


Greyhound (Image: Getty)

English Greyhounds have a reputation for being the fastest dog breed in the world. As racing dogs with very little body fat and lots of stamina, these canines can run as fast as 45 mph. Though greyhounds love to sprint, they’re actually quite calm pets at home.

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