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Talented dog takes over the Internet with her beloved windchimes

Koira learned to ask for her owner’s permission to play the chimes

Tansy Liu

Posted 48d ago

Koira with her windchimes (Image: Lifewithkoira/Instagram)

The adorable video of an avid music fan - a two-year-old assistance dog - playing with windchimes has gone viral online and melted our hearts. 

Koira the Border Collie and Kelpie mix first reacted to the exact table-top chimes when owner Shonae Ward, 27, brought it to their home in New South Wales, Australia. 

Shonae, a preschool educator, said: “When I placed it on the windowsill in my sunroom, she was captivated by it. 

“It started with my partner and I running our fingers along it for her as she wagged her tail, and at some point, she kept trying to give it her ball to play. It was the sweetest thing. 

“After a while, she learnt she could nudge it herself to play.” 

Koira has been honing her musical skills ever since and has now made playing her beloved tranquillity chimes a daily routine. 

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She usually stands in front of it after her morning toilet stop, enjoying the sound it makes after putting her nose into the cabinet, and during the evening in her downtime. 

As an assistance dog, Koira often seeks permission to perform tasks as per her role, so she has also learned to ask for her owner’s approval to play the chimes. 

Shonae said: “She definitely loves it. Amongst walks and a good game of fetch, her wind chime is her interest. 

“She makes me incredibly happy. We didn't let her become obsessed with the chimes as that could become unhealthy. But she is the absolute sweetest girl and as odd of an interest as it is for a dog, it is incredibly wholesome.” 

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As a pet mum caring for a family of eight animals - two cats, two budgies, a bunny, a bearded dragon and a Betta fish - Shonae is incredibly grateful for the company her furry friends have brought to her. 

She said: “My animals are all incredibly loved, and I couldn't imagine life without them. 

“Koira means everything to me, as cliche as it sounds. I decided to get a dog the day I found out I couldn't have my own human children and she came to me at the right time I needed her. 

“I’m grateful that people are sharing the same happiness that Koira gives me. She is an absolute soul dog and I wholeheartedly believe she's been on this earth before.” 

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