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Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick warns over scammers pretending to be him

Fake 'Noel's' have been targeting Supervet followers

Bethan Shufflebotham

Posted 3 months ago

World-renowned veterinary surgeon, professor Noel Fitzpatrick, has issued a warning to his followers after a fake account was set up to impersonate him.

The orthopedic-neuro Supervet, aged 53, took to social media to caution about fraudsters posing as the animal loving celebrity.

Noel, who lives in Surrey, tweeted: “Still hearing reports of fake Noel's popping up. Please only trust THIS account. I do not have any others. Be safe, be vigilant and pass on.”

Below, he shared an image which read: “It has come to my attention that a few folks out there have had experiences with scammers claiming to be me on social media and in some cases, contacting you directly. 

“This is really concerning and I want to warn you all to be vigilant. Be wary of anyone posing as me contacting you.”

The telly sweetheart continued to clarify: "I would never use my social media channels to adversely affect anyone.

"I feel fortunate that so much of social media is used for good over bad – and that it provides a platform for us to connect thanks to our love of animals and the bond we share with them."

He encouraged his followers to share the message with their friends so they are also aware, urging them to "stay safe" and take care before signing off.

Fans responded to the warning having received messages from the ‘fake Noel’s’ themselves.

One said: “Thank you for posting this Noel, I have been contacted by several of these 'fake Noels', they can get very verbally abusive, I know they are fake, but I can see how some people could be taken in and could get very upset. Take care everyone. Stay safe Noel.”

Another added: “Thanks Noel for this info. I have been contacted on Instagram by a fake who is pretending to be you. Deleted immediately. When I see the blue tick , I know it’s your genuine account. Take care of yourself and the gang please.”

If you’re unsure whether a celebrity account is fake, do check for the blue verified tick next to their username - or search to see if there have been any recent imposter schemes using that particular famous face. 

You can report fake accounts to the relevant social network sites to have the imposter profile removed, to prevent others falling victim to scams.

And remember - no matter how famous, or convincing - never send money or payment details to someone you don’t know, or have only spoken with online.

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