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Suki 'the sass Queen' and other dogs searching for a new home

There's lots of dogs across Merseyside that need a new loving home

Paul McAuley

Posted 2 months ago ago

A handful of loving dogs are looking for a new home in Liverpool including Suki.

All dogs deserve a loving and happy home with owners who spoil them with treats, but unfortunately this isn't always the way and some dogs find themselves in a kennel.

From Rottweilers to Akita's, there's lots of dogs in Freshfields Animal Rescue that need out of the kennels and into a caring home.

As much as the staff love these dogs, they are hoping to see them become a permanent member of a family in the near future.

Max aka Mad Max

Max is an 8-year-old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rottweiler cross who was originally rehomed as a puppy but sadly found himself back in our care due to his owner’s ill health.

He can take some time to build up trust with people and loves to play hard to get but once he has that trust in you, he is an incredibly loyal dog who loves his walks, sunbathing and a good scratch!

Max is looking for an adult only home (no visiting children) where he will be the only pet, he is a very well-behaved house guest and can be left alone for a couple of hours.

Aside from some arthritis, Max is in great health and can’t wait to find a new place to call home.

To sum up Max in one sentence - he is an exceptionally loyal and protective boy who is just looking for a best mate to sunbathe with in the summer and hibernate with in the winter – he does not do bad weather!

Danny aka Dan Man

Danny is an 8-year-old male Lurcher who was rehomed from Freshfields as a puppy back in 2012 but unfortunately found himself back their after a food guarding issue in his previous home.

His mum was a Lurcher and his dad was a Border Terrier and he has a look of both but is more Lurcher in size.

Danny is a lovely boy who just needs needs an understanding owner, he can be very nervous and insecure and does not trust easily but when bonded to you he is the most affectionate, loyal and devoted boy.

Danny loves nothing more than to be out exploring with his favourite dog walkers who he loves dearly. He is a star guest in kennels, is clean, non-destructive and can be left alone for a few hours.

He does need an adult only home but he is the perfect gentleman, very well-mannered, looks out for his people, especially if they are walking him, and loves a bit of peaceful down time.

Suki aka The Sass Queen

Suki is the sassiest resident at Freshfields, they all know her as the queen!

A 9-year-old Akita who came from an unfortunate living situation several years ago.

Suki can take some time to get to know you but once you do, she will be your loyal companion for life. As with many Akitas, Suki can be reserved, stubborn and head strong.

Once you enter into her trusted circle you will see just what an amazing dog she is and will probably get a big cuddle and kiss!

She likes going for walks, can often be found snoozing on her couch, is always so happy to see you in the morning and loves icy/snowy weather that she can have a good roll in.

Suki will need an experienced owner in a child free house who is able to take the time to visit her at the rescue, with plenty of sausages of course.

She knows what she wants and like any queen she deserves it all!

Rikki aka Rick Roller

Rikki is an 8-year-old male Jack Russell Terrier. As with many of Freshfields dogs, Rikki needs an understanding owner as he does have some issues with resource guarding and isn’t much of a sharer!

He is incredibly friendly a lot of the time, however he will need someone who understands his boundaries - Rikki doesn’t share food!

Freshfields feel Rikki would suit somebody who has previous experience with Terriers, who lives in an adult only home and can visit him a lot at the rescue to build up a bond.

Rikki does have some mild skin allergies and luxating patella’s (issues with his back legs) but these are both easily managed and don’t stop him from playing his favourite game, fetch!

He is the liveliest little man who needs someone who has their own toys and food because he doesn’t want to share anything except all his love.

Rio aka RiRi

Rio is a 6-year-old male Boxer Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross who is full of life, so don’t let that grey face fool you.

He arrived at Freshfields at a young age after not having the best start in life but has settled into kennel life well and adores the staff and his dog walkers.

Rio does need a very special understanding owner as he is an insecure boy and can show some protective behaviour. He has a very tough exterior but once you make friends, he is very affectionate.

He wags his entire body when excited and likes to tuck himself up on his couch under a blanket for a good nap.

Due to his issues, Rio will need a quiet adult only home free from visiting children as he would thrive in a calm environment.

He will need quite a few meets at the rescue with any prospective homes.

The life of the party who can get a bit carried away and overexcited but has a huge heart and a lot of love to give.

If you feel that you could be the right match for any of these dogs, Freshfields Animal Rescue would love to hear from you!

You should start by emailing or by calling 0151 931 1604.

More information on how to adopt can be found here.

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