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Strange-looking dog found at side of road

We've never seen a dog like this before


Posted 5 months ago ago

By Bethan Shufflebotham

An unusual cross-breed type dog has been found at the side of a busy road - but not everything was as it seemed. 

The pooch was found without a collar, looking quite mangey, in the Bolton area. The little lady has been nicknamed ‘Jenny Ryan’, by volunteers who caught her, after she took them on a ‘chase’ around some nearby woodland in the master quizzer’s hometown.

The dog has a reddish fluffy coat, much like a husky, but is smaller in size, so possibly crossed with a terrier or corgi-type dog, looking at the pointed ears. They also have a white tipped tail, much like a Border Collie. 

The mutt was found on April 1, at around 5.45am, by a local dog walker, who enlisted help from a nearby animal shelter to catch the hound. 

The animal - who was uninjured - was taken to the vets to be checked for a microchip where it was discovered that it was actually a Vixen - of course!

April Fools!

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