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Staffordshire Bull Terriers crowned the UK’s favourite dog breed

They beat the likes of black Labradors and Boxers to the top

Rebecca Astill

Posted 2 months ago

After three weeks, 52 breeds and constant voting, Staffies have been announced as the winners of our favourite breed competition.

There was suspense, there was disappointment, there were bombshell breeds added at the midpoint, but in the end it was Staffies with their big grins and bigger hearts that won over the nation.

They took the top spot, beating black Labradors in second place. 

The competition started three weeks ago with 47 breeds as we teamed up with Pooch and Mutt to find out the UK’s favourite.

Each week, the bottom 10 breeds were put in “the dog house” and eliminated from the competition.

We listened to you and added breeds you felt deserved a place in the competition. 

These were Dobermann, Samoyed, Great Dane, Bedlington Terrier and Akita.

However, none of this affected Staffies, who led from the front from early on.

Thousands voted in search to find the UK’s Best Breed. 

Thank you for every vote and every pic.

The full top 10 was as follows: 

  1. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  2. Black Labrador
  3. Boxer
  4. Greyhound
  5. Border Collie
  6. German Shepherd
  7. Cockapoo
  8. Border Terrier
  9. Cocker Spaniel
  10. Jack Russell

The TeamDogs community were vocal throughout the race, making us very aware where their loyalties were.

On Facebook, Allan Jones said, “Staffies rule… Although now we have a Staffy/Border Collie cross… what a nutter!”

Lynne Pearce added: “Holly agrees with the current number one (well she would if she wasn’t snoring at my feet)! Love my Staffie.”

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Sooty Buckley said: “Come on Staffies,” while Sophie Drake and Sandra Bellini agreed “Staffies all day long.”

Amanda Lucy said: “Staffies definitely”, and Danielle Ward said, “Staffies are the absolute best.”

It’s fair to say, Staffies have a pretty solid fan base!

Here are a few of the best pictures of Staffies submitted during the campaign.

Skyla, a blue Staffie puppy. This picture alone could be responsible for Staffies winning the favourite breed competition.

Pool party or cool party? Ellie and Izzy bring the vibes, you bring the drinks.

Personal space? Jessie and her best friend have never heard of it.

Happy, surprised, or upset about the result? Have your say in the comments or post a picture of your own dog and tell us why they are the best breed.

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