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Staffies are happy to do whatever you want - as long as they're with you

The Victorians called them 'Nanny Dog' because of their affection for children

Lorna Doran

Posted 2 months ago

By Suzanne Sargent

Where to start with describing this wonderful little dog? They were known in Victorian times as the 'Nanny Dog' due to their affection for children and their loyal nature.

Our Staffie Lola is extremely loving and although friendly, remains indifferent towards her canine counterparts - preferring human company every time.  

A game in the garden, long walk or simply a 'cuddle up' on the sofa, she'll be happy to oblige - as long as she's with you.  This love of human company has been clearly apparent in each of the three Staffies we've been lucky enough to own and others we have encountered.  Sadly, this love and loyalty that runs through their DNA, has been exploited by unscrupulous owners, giving them a bad reputation  - in the majority of cases, a reputation they really don't deserve.  

Rescue centres generally have more Staffordshires that need rehoming than any other breed.  Knowing how much these doggies crave human contact and interaction, you realise how unhappy they would be, however well cared for. Rescue a Staffie and that little dog will rescue you too - even if you didn't know you needed rescuing!

Lola loves her toys, has definite favourites and carries them around like pups but is always willing to share!  She'll attempt to push a toy from her mouth to yours (not very hygienic but generous all the same!).  

Staffies don't appear to be drawn to water as some other breeds but when they are, there's no stopping them!  Lucy, our first Staffie, would prefer to swim for exercise rather than walk!  However, her daily swim in a nearby reservoir was never the same after Harvey, a rather exuberant Irish Wolfhound, used her as a buoyancy aid!  Swims after that experience were never the same for Lucy and she never really enjoyed going into the water again.  Lola, on the other hand, has never liked the water and has literally leapt up into our arms when past paddling depth! 

Staffies are also known for the guttural noises they make and I know of no other breed that 'speaks' to you in this way.  They are not as vocal as other breeds in terms of barking or yapping (thankfully!) but do make little responsive noises deep in their throat, usually in answer to a command or praise.  So when I kiss Lola on the head, say 'I love you' as I often do, she responds with a couple of deep grunts which I believe is my beautiful little Staffie saying 'I love you too'!

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