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Some dog owners choose not to stay in the room while their dog is put down

A recent tweet has hundreds of pet owners debating and sharing their own personal experiences

Paul McAuley

Posted 41d ago

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When it comes to saying goodbye to your dog, it is a time that every owner knows will come but a time that no owner likes to think about.

Recently, hundreds of people have debated on social media if a dog owner should stay in the room if the unfortunate time ever comes that their dog has to be put down.

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It can be one of the most difficult decisions to make but sometimes it is the right one, regardless it is still a very emotional situation for anyone to be in.

However, is it acceptable for an owner to leave the room while their dog is put to sleep?

On Twitter, one vet was questioned about what the worst part of their job was. 

They claimed it was when around 90 per cent of owners don't want to be in the room for their dog's final moments.

They went on to share their opinion on adding: "It's your choice to stay in the room while your dog gets put down.

"I always hope you stay because they look for you when you leave."

This was then shared by a dog rescue group on Facebook and received nearly 200 comments from people discussing their opinion on the matter.

Many were moved by the message as they shared their own experiences.

Lynn Bowie responded: "I stayed. Lying on the floor with her talking to her and comforting her for a good while after she was gone. I couldn't leave and didn't want to."

Pauline Bomford posted: "One of the hardest things to do by far but it’s an inevitable part of owning a dog. You just have to be there when they need you most."

A third pet owner, Lynne Chesters said: "Me too, have every time - I could never imagine abandoning them at the last hurdle."

While another commented: "This post has just shattered me, because our beloved family dog Basil had to be put to sleep during the first lockdown, and we weren't allowed to be there with him.

"We were only allowed in after the vet came back out to say he's gone, and allowed us to be in the room to say goodbye while they left the room.

"Absolutely heart shattering. I couldn't be there with my best friend while he took his last breath. I pray he wasn't afraid or looking for me.."

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Helen Smith said: "Broke me to stay and hold my little Yorkshire terrier, Buttons as he slipped away. There is no way I could have left him to go without me being there. It was well over 20 years ago and I still feel it."

Whereas Angela Meyer commented: "We had to have our beloved dog put to sleep a year ago when the pandemic was starting. They took him in by himself first to get him prepped and then we were allowed in.

"But just as he went in he stopped and looked back as if to say are you coming too- that look still haunts me"

Let us know in the comments if you think it is acceptable to leave your dog when it is getting put to sleep.

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