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Six Lurchers at Shrewsbury spend combined total of 1,000 days waiting for a new home

Lurchers spend longer in rehoming centres due to misconceptions about the breed

Tansy Liu

Posted 59d ago

Dogs Trust Shrewsbury has six Lurchers looking for a home (Image supplied)

Lurchers often spend twice as long in kennels waiting for new homes as other breeds, and one rescue centre has six lurchers who have been there for a combined total of more than 1,000 days. 

Dogs Trust Shrewsbury in Shropshire has six Lurchers, with the youngest being six-month-old Millie, who arrived at the centre last month, and the oldest being Olivia, aged 12.

Dogs Trust has previously made heart-breaking appeals for more potential owners after revealing that Lurchers are more likely to spend twice as long in kennels waiting for new homes than smaller breeds.

Louise Campbell, Dogs Trust Shrewsbury manager, said: “We are unsure why Lurchers tend to stay with us a bit longer than some other breeds; however, we find there are sometimes misconceptions about the care involved in giving them a home.

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“For example, people often think Lurchers need more exercise than the average dog, which isn’t necessarily true. Some of them need to wear a muzzle when out for walks because they can get overly excited around small animals.

“However, we often find that once we have a chance to talk this through with potential owners, it can help them keep an open mind about having a Greyhound or Lurcher in their life.”

The centre said a Lurcher or Greyhound’s average length of stay is around two months, whereas smaller breeds such as Shih Tzus spend less than a month waiting for new homes.

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Young Millie is full of energy and loves going out for walks and playing games to keep her busy. She could live with children of secondary school age and another dog who loves having fun as much as she does.

The centre is appealing for new families to come forward to continue Millie with her training so she can fulfil her potential.

A secure garden would fit sweet girl Olivia, who still loves to play and have a good run despite her age. She loves a trip out in the car to quiet places where she won’t come across too many dogs.

The four other Lurchers – Hugo, 4, Jack, 5, Stella, 5, and Dennis, 6 – are also waiting for someone to provide new homes.

To find out more about the six Lurchers, please visit the website of the rehoming centre.

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