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Six adorable seniors in the running for UK’s oldest dog – and their secrets to a long and happy life

Meet the gorgeous golden oldies aged 16 or above

Tilly Alexander

Posted 56d ago

19-year-old Scrappy, pictured here with brother Ted, is one of several ‘silver’ Border Terriers still living their best lives (Image: Lorraine Allison)

The most heartbreaking thing about having a dog is that they can’t live forever. 

There are lots of adorable senior dogs across the country giving it their best go, though! 

From Buckinghamshire to Yorkshire, TeamDogs has found six golden oldies still living their best lives - and also discovered their secrets for doing so.  

From a sprightly 17-year-old Terrier Cross to a Border Terrier that’s 19 and a half, these sweethearts are all aged well above 100 in dog years. 

Plus, given 21-year-old Queenie, previously thought to be the oldest dog in the UK, has sadly passed away, these pups are also in the running for the title. 

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(Image: Erika Timmins)

Age: 16 years and seven months. 

DOB: January 29, 2005. 

Lovely Alfie is the dog that launched the TeamDogs search for the UK’s oldest dog. 

The gorgeous Border Terrier lives with his owner Erika Timmins in Hatton, South Derbyshire.  

According to Erika, his secret to a long life is ‘lots of love, care, a good diet, and keeping him at a healthy weight’.

Although he has ‘a few lumps’ from old age and arthritis in his legs, little Alfie is remarkably healthy and sprightly!

Erika added: “He’s been such a companion, especially for us all through tough times.

“For example, when my dad, my brother’s dad and my mum’s husband sadly lost his life to cancer. 

“Alfie has been in my life longer than my dad was, and I believe this is quite an achievement.” 

The sweet boy’s nicknames include Alf, Freddy and Scruff Ball.


(Image: James Twitchen)

Age: 17 years and eight months. 

DOB: Thought to be January 1, 2004.

Gorgeous Alice is nearly 18 years old, though you wouldn’t know it. 

The sprightly senior lives with owner James Twitchen, close to Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire. 

She’s described as a ‘legend’ and ‘very loyal companion’. 

Despite her old age, she’s still in fantastic health and very keen at dinnertime. 

Though the sweet girl hates the cold, she’s a big fan of sunbathing. She can often be found stretched out ‘like a lizard’ outside! 

The lovely Terrier Cross is affectionately referred to as a ‘Heinz 57’, due to the ‘variety’ of breeds in her. 

She has a Swiss mother and Bulgarian father, as well as 17 siblings from across three litters. 

Despite her size, the cheeky pup is very much the boss of the house. 

Her good health is credited to her love of food, as well as tendency to drink ‘lots and lots of muddy water when she’s out walking’. 

James added: “She’s got the constitution of an ox.”


(Image: Lorraine Allison)

Age: 19 years and three months

DOB: May 25, 2002. 

New contender Scrappy is another gorgeous silver Border Terrier. 

The lovely female lives with owners Jon and Lorraine Allison in a small village close to Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset. 

Scrappy originally belonged to Lorraine’s brother-in-law and was named after Scooby Doo character Scrappy Doo by her nephew, but came to stay with the couple and never left! 

She’s quite the character, according to Lorraine, who says the old girl’s secret to a long and happy life is ‘being tricky’. 

Lorraine added: “She likes to be a little grumpy and she loves things to eat she shouldn’t have – Party Rings, Wotsits, Cheddars, cheese on her dog food… But at 19 even the vets okay it!” 

As well as being a much-loved member of several Border groups Facebook, Scrappy also has her very own page, documenting her long life. 

Some of the group members even set up a fund for Scrappy’s 18th birthday, sending her a number of ‘lovely gifts’ including memory quilts, coasters and models of her. 

Though Scrappy still loves having a ‘good wander’ she can’t walk far and tends to be carried when out and about. 

Despite having faced a number of ailments including pancreatitis, Cushing’s and dementia, the lovely pup is still going strong. 

The gorgeous Border Terrier also had a littermate called Ted, who lived to 16 but sadly passed away in 2019. 

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(Image: Rehoming Animal Telephone Service)

Age: Estimated to be 18 years. 

DOB: Unknown. 

Rescue pup Pippa is an 18-year-old Patterdale Cross currently being looked after by Rehoming Animal Telephone Service (RATS), in Hertfordshire. 

A statement on the website says: “Despite her age, Pippa is in great health and for such an old lady, she's amazingly sprightly! 

“She is very friendly, and loves nothing more than a nice lap to curl up on.” 

A spokesperson for the rescue added: “She’s a wonderful little old lady and we’re very fond of her at the kennels.” 

The sweet senior originally came into the charity’s care with 10-year-old Chihuahua called Ollie, though he has now been rehomed. 


(Image: Sarah Parker)

Age: 19 years and five months. 

DOB: March 18, 2002.

At 19 and a half, little Brewster is the oldest dog on this list! 

The one-eyed pup began his life in South Yorkshire, however, was too old to travel when his first owner moved abroad, so was taken on by Border Terrier Welfare

He now lives with owners Brian and Sarah Parker in Castleford, West Yorkshire. 

The sweet male found his new family at the grand old age of 15, after a Facebook post detailing his search for a new home yielded fifty applicants.

Sarah said: “He’s our little legend.

“It was such an honour to be gifted the privilege of caring for this special boy in his twilight years. 

“If I’m honest, we thought, if we were lucky, we would have a year or two with him – we could never have imagined that we would still be loving and caring for him four years on. 

The old boy’s favourite activities include snoozing on the sofa, driving around ‘in style’ with his doting owners, and walking or riding in his buggy, nicknamed ‘The Brewster Bus’. 

Sarah added: “He loves a cuddle and is the most scrumptious boy who always has a kiss for us. 

“We often refer to him as ‘Brew’, but the most appropriate name we have for him is ‘Special Brew’ – he is indeed a special boy and we have been truly blessed.” 

According to Sarah, cute Brewster is doing ‘incredibly well’ for his age. 

Though deaf and suffering from arthritis in his shoulder and a ‘few fatty lumps’, he is still ‘as regal and handsome as ever’. 

A mischievous boy in his youth, Brewster lost his eye aged 12 when he ran into a car chasing a cat. 

The couple also have two other Border Terriers, nine-year-old Douglas, as well as Beau, six. 

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Age: Estimated to be around 19 years. 

DOB: Unknown. 

Lovely Midge came to his current family as a 14-year-old rescue, so his exact birthday and age is unclear. The family celebrates his ‘Gotcha day’ instead!  

The adorable Border Terrier was adopted just in time after initially going to be put to sleep on Monday, November 7, 2016. 

The elderly boy loves ear scratches and being curled up alongside his family. 

Owner Rebecca Watkiss puts his long life down to ‘pure love’ and ‘being in charge of the household’. 

She joked: “We are Midge’s staff.” 

Midge had a health scare at the start of the year, however, has pulled through and is continuing to love life. 

Though he ‘pretends he’s deaf’, Rebecca says he can hear a treat packet opening from anywhere in the house. 

She added: “I love this little man so much and he is my fur baby – my children often say Midge gets spoiled and treated better than them.

“He has many names, such as ‘Squidgy’ and ‘Little fella’. My Aunty and Uncle call him ‘Grandpa’ because of his age.” 

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