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Seven ways to keep your dog cool this summer

Toys, tips, and tricks to make sure your dog is happy and cool this summer

Corrie David

Posted 4 months ago

Most of us have been frantically checking forecasts waiting for the weather to get better, but while we are desperate for some sun, our furry friends struggle as the temperature rises. 

We can look after our dogs during warm weather in lots of different ways: keeping their fur shorter, not walking them in the middle of the day, having shade for them to rest in, but sometimes these options aren’t enough.

Here at TeamDogs we’ve put together a list of all the different options available for our dogs in order to make summer as enjoyable for them as it is for us. 

Rosewood Chillax Cool Bone Dog Toy

A great way to ensure your dog stays entertained and cool is with this Rosewood freezable bone for dogs.

Simply fill the bone with water, freeze overnight and give it to your dog the next day for chilled playtime. Then, once the ice has melted, just refill and refreeze for the next time. 

This bone also doubles as a great toy for teething puppies or older dogs with gum issues for soothing.

All For Paws Chill Out Garden Fountain Dog Bowl

The All For Paws fountain is a great way to keep your dog hydrated and entertained, especially on afternoons when they will be left alone. 

The toy requires a garden hose connection and a few minutes to teach your dog how to use it. 

Once your dog has an understanding, they need only press a peddle to have access to fresh water all day.

TransK9 Airflow Fan

With many beaches closed during summer, our pups have to commute a bit further than normal to get that nice day out. 

This TransK9 fan will fit on your dogs’ travel crate and plugs into the cigarette outlet to blow a cool constant breeze on your pup during your travels.

Doggy Paddling Pool

This bargain dog pool from B&M is both durable and enjoyable. Made from robust PVC and no need to inflate, just fill it with water and you are good to go. 

With temperatures set to increase, your dog will love having its own pool on demand this summer.

Lauva Self-Cooling Mat

For some, an outdoor paddling pool isn’t an option; for those families there are cooling gel mats. 

This one from Lauva comes in two sizes depending on your dog breed and is a no-fuss cooling option. 

The 100% non-toxic gel mat works by absorbing your dog's body heat and keeping them between 7-9 degrees below ambient temperature.

Ruffwear Dog Cooling Vest

While we can do all we can to keep our dogs cool and comfortable at home, there’s not too much we can do when we’re out on walks during the summer. 

However, this cooling vest is ideal for when you and your companion are out and about together. 

You simply have to soak the vest, wring it out, then pop it on your dog to keep them cool while active. 

The light design keeps the hot air off your dog while cooling them with the water. It is also designed to be used with a harness so you can still keep your dog nearby while using it. 

Cool Club Pop-up Dog Shelter Large

Some dogs aren’t water lovers, some just want to chill in the shade and they’re happy.

For those of you who are lucky enough to have a sun trap for a garden, why don’t you invest in a cool den for your dog to relax in? 

This den is easily popped up and folded down (great for beach trips), and has an easy access open front for your dog to settle in easily and still access any breeze in the area.

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