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Second season of 'Dogs' has landed on Netflix

The documentary series explores the emotional bonds between dogs and their caregivers

Chloe Bowen

Posted 2 months ago ago

Season 2 of 'Dogs' (Image: Netflix)

There’s a new series on Netflix that’s the perfect watch for any dog lover. Landing on Netflix only yesterday was Season 2 of Dogs. Each episode explores heart-warming stories of the emotional bonds that form between dogs and their caregivers, no matter what the circumstances. 

Season 1 of the American documentary series premiered in November 2018. The new series is made up of four emotionally touching episodes. Each one takes a peek at the life of dogs and human relationships across different countries. 

It’s not just a show for people to melt over these cute dogs. Those watching will gain an insight into the lives of the human owners and what is needed to ensure a dog can have the best possible life. Who wouldn’t love that? 

Without spoiling anything, here’s what to expect: 

Episode 1 "Much Ado About Blue" features an aging English bulldog named Trip (Butler University's beloved mascot). He faces retirement just as his longtime handler must undergo risky surgery. 

Episode 2 "Space for Dogs" follows a former astronaut hitting the road with his two Rhodesian Ridgebacks on an emotional trip to honour his friends, the deceased crew of space shuttle Columbia. 

Episode 3 "It Takes a Village Dog" show how dog lovers reach across borders to help a returning American veteran get a stray puppy from Iraq to the US. On the way they both face new difficulties. It’s certainly a loving watch that shows the lengths that people go to in an attempt to protect dogs. 

The final episode of the four-part series "The Protectors" presents a Brazilian priest's compassion for unwanted strays which inspires a grassroots network devoted to finding them homes, one dog at a time. 

Each heartfelt episode lasts between 44 and 55 minutes. Get the tissues ready for a binge watch of sentimental TV.  

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