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Search is on for the nation’s bravest dog

The Thin Blue Paw Foundation is looking for inspirational tales of dogs who’ve dedicated their lives to keeping the public safe

Danielle Elton

Posted 3 months ago

The search is on to find the nation's bravest dog - and they could be right here in Manchester.

All owners are biased and think their dog is amazing - they know when we need cheering up, they’re playful and they make the best company.

While we think they all deserve a fuss making of them, there’s some dogs who really do need celebrating - those that help to keep us safe.

Police and other working dogs are heroes in their own right, working tirelessly to protect the public, often putting their own lives at risk and deserve to be recognised.

That’s why, The Thin Blue Paw Foundation – a national welfare charity that supports and celebrates working and retired police dogs – is hosting an awards ceremony to honour the dogs who’ve dedicated their lives to their job.

The foundation is searching for the nation’s courageous dogs and is looking for tales of bravery and heart-warming stories of dogs who’ve gone above and beyond in their very important roles.

Supported by Animal Friends Pet Insurance, nominations are being accepted online and will close on Sunday July 25.

The event will be hosted on September 14.

The categories include:

  • Outstanding Bravery – for a serving police dog who has shown extraordinary bravery in the line of duty.
  • Lifesaver - to celebrate a serving police dog whose work was invaluable in a life-threatening incident, for example locating a vulnerable missing person.
  • Crime Fighting Duo - for a serving police dog and handler team who are constantly achieving outstanding operational results.
  • Rising Star – to celebrate the achievements of a newly licensed serving police dog.
  • Lifetime Achievement - to celebrate a retired police dog who made an exceptional difference during their service.

The winners will be selected by a panel of judges and both two-legged and four-legged guests will be invited to the awards ceremony for a glittering event which will include a three-course dinner, for both dog and human.

hin Blue Paw Foundation trustee Kieran Stanbridge said: “Every day across the UK hundreds of police dogs go to work fighting crime, sniffing out danger, tracking vulnerable missing people, and protecting key figures and members of the public.

“Many dogs and their handlers put themselves in danger just to do their job and keep the public safe, and we felt it was time to honour their dedication, bravery and achievements.

“We’re looking to sniff out the nation’s most inspirational stories of bravery and commitment so we can shine a light on these incredible unsung heroes and celebrate all of their achievements in the line of duty.”

Thin Blue Paw Foundation trustee and owner of retired police dog and charity ambassa-dog, Fabulous Finn, Dave Wardell, said: “When Finn was stabbed in the line of duty trying to protect me from a man wielding a knife in October 2016, he made headlines across the country.

“He was lucky to survive and make a full recovery. But, every day across the country, police dogs like Finn do incredible things that, quite often, go unnoticed.

“These incredible su-paw heroes help detain dangerous criminals, keep their handlers safe, protect the public and save lives.

“We felt it was time that they got the recognition they deserve so, when we formed the Thin Blue Paw Foundation last year to help support police dogs when they retire, we also pledged that we’d organise these awards to celebrate the contribution that these dogs make to their police forces and their communities.

“If you know a police dog who has done something amazing then we’d urge you to nominate them for an award. And if you believe these dogs deserve to live long, happy and healthy retirements after years of public service then please support our work by donating online.”

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