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Sausage dog puppy steals owner’s socks and refuses to give them back in cute video

The adorable video has been viewed more than 21,000 times and has over 200 comments

Nia Dalton

Posted 59d ago

By Nia Dalton and Simon Green

This is the adorable moment a Dachshund puppy steals his owner’s socks and refuses to give them back. 

The viral video has been viewed by thousands on Reddit, and many viewers have compared the pup to Harry Potter’s house-elf Dobby, commenting on the video: “Dobby is a free elf”. 

His owner captures the 12-week-old pup charging into a bedroom, with the white sock hanging out of his mouth, and running back into another room, before repeating it over again.

If you listen carefully to the video, you can hear the puppy’s tiny paws pattering on the wooden floor as he scampers frantically back and forth between rooms. 

The clip was uploaded to Reddit with the caption: “My 12 w/o Dachshund puppy with stolen sock zoomies”, and shared on the Daily Star. It has since collected more than 21,000 views and about 200 comments. 

(Image: Daily Star/Reddit)

Lightheartedly, many viewers compared the sock-stealing Dachshund to Harry Potter’s house-elf Dobby, commenting: “Master has given us a sock!” and “Dobby is a free elf”. 

Other viewers instantly related to the pup’s frantic and repetitive running back and forth. 

This random burst of energy in dogs is known as ‘zoomies’, or Frenetic Random Activity Periods (FRAPs), and usually lasts a couple of minutes or less. 

One viewer commented: “Oo man we are 1.5 years in now and our cairn still gets zoomies over socks. We never chased her or tried to take it from her. There is just something up with smelly socks.”

Another compared the sausage dog to her cat: “That sock is almost as big as the puppy! So cute. Our cat used to steal socks and try to bathe them in her water bowl.”

It seemed socks were a favourite amongst the viewer’s dogs.

“And here was me thinking my dog was the only sock thief. She’ll root around in dirty washing to find a sock to get a chase. If no one chases her she will retrieve every sock she can find,” one said.

“Adorable. We have so many toys for our 3 dogs yet they are most happy with...a sock,” a viewer agreed.

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