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RSPCA warns offices need to be more dog friendly after lockdown

The RSPCA say lockdown puppies won’t cope with owners returning to work

Rebecca Astill

Posted 2 months ago ago

Puppies adopted during lockdown will struggle to be home alone: Luis Alvarez via Getty Images

Concerns are being raised over how dogs bought over lockdown will cope at home alone when their owners return to work.

Over lockdown, 3.2 million households in the UK bought a pet, bringing the total of dogs up to 12 million according to the Pet Food Manufacturers Association. The pets bought during that time have grown up knowing only constant companionship and attention, and those around before have got used to it over the past two years. 

Experts are warning more offices need to introduce dogs at work policies to reduce the mental impact on these dogs as they are forced to spend more time on their own. The PFMA also found only 15 percent of pet owners have a pet friendly office.

The RSPCA are calling for more offices to become dog friendly work spaces and state there are benefits to employees as well as the dogs. 

Stroking dogs reduces the stress hormone and leads to a happier and healthier environment. 

RSPCA dog welfare expert Lisa Hens told The Sun, “Our dogs have got used to having us around all the time and can struggle with changes to their routine.

"We'd love to see more offices introducing Dogs at Work policies to allow owners to bring their dogs into the workplace and would encourage public transport providers to make it easier for passengers to travel with dogs.”

Dogs Trust found a 41 per cent increase in dogs being clingy and following owners around the house, and an 82 per cent increase in reports of dogs whining or barking when someone is busy. Taking a dog into work would hopefully limit the separation anxiety experts are warning about post lockdown. 

Purina is one example running a dog friendly workplace - or PAW as they call it - short for Pets At Work. Their UK office now welcomes 50 dogs everyday. Information on how to set up a dog friendly office can be found on Purina’s website.

If you are returning to work from July 19 and your office is not dog friendly, yet, the RSPCA suggest gradually getting your dog used to being alone again now in a controlled and positive way.

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