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Rottweiler howls ‘I love you’ to her owner

The remarkable moment has been caught on camera

Charlotte Regen

Posted 52d ago

This is the adorable moment a Rottweiler howls 'I love you' at her owner.

Four-year-old Marnie, who lives in Sedgley, in the West Midlands, may look like a fierce protector but she is a gentle giant to her family.

Owner Ellie Parton, 25, was simply telling Marnie just how much she loves her when she got the shock of her life. 

Marnie responded with an ‘I love you’ - and the remarkable moment has been caught on camera for all to enjoy. 

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Speaking to TeamDogs Ellie said: "She’s really vocal so if we’re all sat talking and she starts getting bored that no one is paying her any attention she starts moaning but it’s funny.

"She only has two real triggers that make her really talk and that’s asking her if her name is Marnie and saying I love you.

Image by Ellie Parton: Marnie having a cheeky snooze on the sofa

"I think I was sitting with her on the sofa one day and I just said Marnie say I love you and she did, but she really mimicked it like it sounded like she said it and now she always does it when you ask her.

"‘Is your name Marnie’ is something daft my mom always says to her now and for whatever reason that always kicks her off."

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