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Review: Ruffwear Front Range Harness

How do you stop a Lab taking you for a walk?


Posted 3 months ago ago

After a few weeks of a traditional collar and lead, it soon became apparent that we might need to look at other options for stopping our Labrador pulling us down the street.

Yes we know it's all about training them to walk to heel, but it's all well and good when your arm's being pulled out of its socket and you're still suffering from a bout of sciatica.

Step forward the Ruffwear Front Range Harness, which comes with not one, but two leash attachments. 

As well as an aluminium V-ring centered on the dog's back, there's also a hook at the front, so that every time they pull forward, it pulls them to the side and stops them lurching forwards. That's the idea anyway, so how did it work in practice?

Well, I can honestly say it was an absolute game changer. From the very first walk with it, there was a massive difference. Every time Milo went to pull, that little tug to the side seemed to stop him in his tracks.

He wasn't quite by our side, but he was only just in front, and certainly not pulling forwards like he was with the collar and lead.

It's pretty simple to get on and off - although I do have to hold his mouth closed to get it over his head and stop him chewing it. Did I mention he's a Lab?

With two buckles and four points of adjustment, it fits really well and he seems more than comfortable with the foam padded construction.

I love the fact it's so lightweight too, especially in this hot weather and even when he's ended up going for a swim with it on, it's dried in no time.

While not everyone cares about colour, the 'tumalo teal' looks great with Milo's red fur and there's a huge colour range to choose from - all with matching collars.

The only downside to walking with the lead clipped to his front, means it occasionally ends up under his front legs, but it's easily rectified and certainly worth that little untangling if it means he's no longer the one taking us for a walk.

You can use the harness with a double ended lead for extra strength, with one clip on the front and one on the back, but we've not found the need for that.

After walking for a while we've managed to swap to just the back attachment, but it's only something we can get away with once he's already tired himself out. For now we're sticking with the front hook and feeling grateful that someone came up with the idea for front range harnesses in the first place.

Harness £40.46, collar £15.26, from Save 10% online, free delivery over £35.

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