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Review: Rosewood Cool Down Foldable Dog Pool from Pets at Home

We review a cool down foldable pool for your dog


Posted 3 months ago ago

The warm weather is a struggle for most people, so imagine how hard it is when you're wearing a furry coat you can't take off.

Of course a paddling pool is one solution, but anyone with a pooch knows an inflatable one would last all of 10 minutes.

That's why pet pools have become such a big hit in the summer months and right now they're selling like hotcakes.

We put one of the most popular brands, the Rosewood Cool Down Foldable Dog Pool from Pets at Home, to the ultimate test with our boisterous six-month-old Labrador Milo. 

Few pieces of furniture have survived his choppers, so it would be interesting to see how this fared during the height of his teething.

Of course he had a little chew on the side as we were putting it out, but he was soon too distracted by the water to carry on.

And with the side walls made from fortified plastic and medium density fibreboard, I'm not convinced he'd cause much damage anyway (for once).

That's what's so great with these pools compared with your traditional inflatables. As well as not needing a lie down from blowing the blooming things up, you just don't get the punctures either. Some families swear by them for children for that very reason - our large one was big enough for the kids and the dog to all get in for a paddle.

Just imagine how much you could save on popped pools over the years.  

And they're so much easier to store too. The valve on the side means you can easily empty it out and the design means it can easily be folded away back inside its bag. Not left in the shed to go mouldy.

Milo was splashing about in it for hours and it's helped keep him cool on what's been the hottest weekend of the year so far.

It's a good job it can be folded up and put away as just the sight of it is now sending him into a frenzy. 

If he had his way he'd been planning a pool party and inviting the neighbours' pooches. 

How it would stand up to that is anyone's guess, but I've got a feeling this pool will be around a lot longer than the numerous blow up ones we've chucked away. 

The Rosewood Cool Down Foldable Dog Pool is a web exclusive product from Pets at Home - priced £50 large, £38 medium and £28 small.

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