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Rescue centre take dog on final adventures

They went to Starbucks and the beach

Paul McAuley

Posted 2 months ago

A Merseyside based animal charity is urging families to consider rehoming dogs rather than buying after one of their long-term residents sadly passed away.

Obi, more affectionately known as Obi bear, was a German Shepherd Malamute cross who came into the care of Freshfields Animal Rescue in 2018.

Unfortunately, staff at the centre found a concerning mass on the 8-year-old’s shoulder and although not definite, the vet believed it was cancer at an advanced level.

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As the team were preparing to have Obi sedated for further X-Rays and tests to find out what was the best course of action for him, he passed away, on the morning of July 15.

Now, Freshfields want potential families to consider looking at rehoming dogs as they still have a lot of love to give.

Victoria Ferguson, a spokesperson from the charity, explained to TeamDogs : “We are all grieving for Obi and are completely heartbroken, there wasn’t a dry eye on kennels the day that he left us.

“The one thing that Obi's passing has really pushed for me is finding homes for our long-term dogs. I want something positive to come from his memory.

“Obi would have made an amazing companion for someone and we are devastated nobody except us ever realised that.

“We have lots of dogs sitting in kennels who deserve their forever families as much as every other dog out there, they just need some patience and understanding.”

Despite only meeting Obi this year, Victoria’s bond with him was incredibly strong.

She describes how loyal and affectionate he was and how he even stood on his back legs and placed his front legs on your shoulder to give you a warm hug.

As with most of Obi’s breed, he was massive and extremely fluffy, but there was nothing to fear.

When Obi would walk between your legs and almost knock you over because of his size, it was his way of saying you had won him over according to Victoria.

Explaining how Obi was made as comfortable as possible in his last days, Victoria said: “Obi had recently moved into one of our home style rooms. Think of a very comfortable bedroom for a dog! He had his own couch, bed and lots of toys!

“When we realised that Obi was seriously ill, we took it upon ourselves to give him as many treats as possible and shower him with even more love in the hopes he realised how much he meant to us.

“Over the last few weeks of his life, he had so many adventures. He took a trip to the doggy VIP field, an open space where he could just run free, a rarity for many rescue dogs.

“On the way home he took a trip through Starbucks drive-thru and ordered an extra-large 'puppicino' which surprisingly he ate very gently! We also took Obi to the beach where he got an ice cream which lasted all of 0.037 seconds. He loved it.”

Freshfields Animal Rescue takes in dogs when nowhere else will, insisting that no animal is left behind with their strict non-destruct policy. They say if they are unable to rehome an animal for whatever reason, they will care for them until they take their last breath, just like they did with Obi.

Victoria concluded: “Even though we were preparing for the worst, we did not expect it to come so quickly, he passed away on the morning of July 15th, leaving a huge hole in the Freshfields family.

“As with all the long-term residents at Freshfields, we were Obi's family and even though he never found his forever home outside of the rescue, he knew he had a home with us.”

If you are considering expanding your family, the staff at Freshfields Animal Rescue would love to hear from you! You can contact them here.

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