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Rescue centre’s ‘saddest case’ is on road to recovery as award-winning dog

He was left blind from being trapped in a cage for fifteen years

Rebecca Astill

Posted 39d ago

A dog who was saved from “death’s door” now has a loving home and has won Petplan’s Survivor of the Year first prize.

When Tony was taken in by Many Tears Rescue in Carmarthenshire, Wales earlier this year, the staff did not know how long he would survive.

His conditions seemed unending and a future beyond treatment near impossible.

The poor dog had been locked in a cage for fifteen years and used as a stud, not even allowed out to go to the toilet.

As a result he was infested and red raw from lying in urine and faeces inside the cage, only four teeth remaining due to unhygienic living conditions and front legs which looked like they had once been broken and left to mend themselves. He had also developed pneumonia and was put on constant medication for joint problems.

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When brought in to Many Tears Rescue near Llandeilo, who took him to safety, they described him as “one of the saddest cases they had seen”.

Yet fast forward several months later, Tony has been adopted by a brilliant new owner, he has a clear X-Ray and is winner of the Petplan UK Survivor of the Year 2021!

Tony has found the best home possible to live out his twilight years

Petplan’s Facebook post said: “We created this award to celebrate our nation’s pets who have demonstrated resilience, or gone through trauma, and beaten the odds to fight their way back.”

Tony’s adopter said: “We are in shock here and I have floods of tears for recognition by Petplan of what dear Tony has been through.”

Previously, she posted the update on Tony’s health on the Facebook group for Many Tears fosterers and adopters.

She said, “When we applied for Tony we really didn’t know if he would survive.

“Although it’s been a worrying time I could not hide my tears of relief when after a successful conscious chest X-ray they told us there are no tumours and that his lungs sounded the best they have since we adopted him.

“This little man is just an absolute warrior and we adore him so much.”

As for the future, Tony will start on medication for bronchial spasms and have an injection once a month along with Codeine and anti-inflammatories, but for the first time since arriving, he is off antibiotics.

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