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Rescue centre’s appeal to rehome 10 ‘unplanned’ German Shepherd puppies

These bundles of joy have kept the staff on their toes

Rebecca Astill

Posted 2 months ago

A litter of 10 pups have been rescued by Dogs Trust Cardiff after being part of an unplanned litter. 

They are German Shepherds crossed with… well nobody quite knows. But what we are sure of is they are absolutely adorable. 

They have all been given Welsh names to represent their Cardiffian backgrounds, including Huw, Steffan, Rhodri, Alwyn, Iefan, Gwen, Bronwyn, Nia, Lowri and Myfanwy.

Kim Davies, Deputy Manager at Dogs Trust Cardiff said, “The puppies have been a joy to look after and it has been a fantastic experience, being able to see their little personalities shine through as they grow.”

The puppies, who are just seven-weeks-old, are searching for new homes in preparation for their eight week release date.

This is Huw. Look at his smart blue collar. Like his namesake, Huw Edwards, he hopes to be a big journalist when he grows up. 

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This is Iefan. Pronounced E-fan, this one is going to be a heartbreaker. Look at those big eyes. Iefan is the best snuggler of the puppies.

This is Alwyn. Alwyn likes big sticks. But the big sticks have to be more than double the length of his body. Otherwise they’re small sticks. Alwyn doesn’t like small sticks.

This is Gwen. Gwen likes Gavin and Stacey, zoomies and cuddles. She fits in one hand. She bosses her brothers about.

This is all the pups with their staff at Dogs Trust Cardiff. The staff tried to sneak the puppies home in their pockets but they got caught. Better luck next time humans.

If you are interested in giving a home to any of these pups at Dogs Trust Cardiff, start a virtual application here.

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