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Rapeseed flowers can be extremely poisonous to dogs

Owners are being warned to keep dogs aware from these pretty yellow flowers

Danielle Elton

Posted 5 months ago

It’s that time of year again - those pretty yellow flowers have blossomed all over the countryside, and they look stunning.

But while they may look inviting, the flowers, also known as rapeseed, can be extremely poisonous to our dogs.

So if you’re planning walkies through a farmer’s field or you’re tempted to place your dog in the mist to take a scenic photo, the experts at Burgess Pet Care are warning owners to avoid rapeseed at all costs.

It’s another flower that is toxic to our dogs, especially those that are highly sensitive. And it’s not only eating them, even walking through the fields should be avoided.

In June 2019, a dog was reported to have suffered from severe open wounds after running through a crop of rapeseed.

Three-year-old Foxhound and Beagle-cross Bruno had to be rushed to vets after he developed sores around the eyes and ears after coming into contact with rapeseed flowers.

The vet discovered that Bruno's fur was stained yellow from the pollen and found he had developed an allergic reaction.

His owner, Rosy Cross, told Vets Now about the fears she faced when the skin around his face began to peel away. She had originally thought it was because of a bee sting.

She said: "Andy, my partner, had taken our three dogs for a weekend walk near a big field full of rapeseed, and when Bruno disappeared, Andy spent a good hour and a half looking for him.

“He eventually had to go to work but asked me to watch out for Bruno because we thought he would come home off his own steam.

“About an hour later Bruno reappeared covered in rapeseed. He was all yellow on his back, and around his eyes and ears the skin had come away with the fur and it was just bloody flesh. 

“I’d been cross with Bruno for running off, but as soon as I saw him I instantly felt sorry for him.”

If rapeseed is ingested, it could cause symptoms such as:

  • Haemolytic anaemia
  • Blindness
  • Damaged nervous system
  • Digestive disorders
  • Breathing problems

This is just one kind of flower that is toxic to dogs, there are also a number of houseplants that can also be poisonous for our pets.

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