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Poor dog left with ‘creepy skeleton feet’ after a trip to the groomers

‘I asked for clean paw pads and I got rats feet’

Danielle Elton

Posted 3 months ago ago

We all know that sometimes the groomers just don’t get our dog’s trim quite right. And sometimes they can get it disastrously wrong.

You go in asking for one thing and come out with something completely different. 

Some resemble a completely different dog, others could even be mistaken for a different animal entirely. Like this one poor pup, which recently left the groomers looking like a raw chicken.

And while we know we shouldn’t laugh, we just can’t help it. Some of these grooming fails are just too much. Although, I’m not sure we’d see the funny side if it happened to our own dog.

One owner who can relate, but thankfully did see the funny side, is @pankobella on TikTok. She took her dog to the groomers asking for clean paw pads and came back with something completely different.

Posting a before and after on Tik Tok, the on-screen caption read: “That one time the groomer misunderstood my mum and shaved my whole paw and I had creepy skeleton feet for a month.”

And we’re not the only ones amused at this poor dog’s misfortune, it’s gone viral on the video sharing platform with 3.4 million views and 483.9k likes.

One user said: “I’ve never laughed so hard in my life.”

A second added: “I actually gagged.”

As well as commenting on how funny the makeover was, many took to the comments to share who they thought the dog now looked like.

In reference to Scary Movie, one commented: “My strong hand.”

Another user said: “Oh god he has racoon paws.”

“Looks like my krab without a shell,” said another.

We think this owner might think twice before asking the groomer for clean paw pads in future.

Has your dog ever suffered any grooming fails? Has the groomer left them with questionable transfurmations? Maybe you’ve given grooming a go yourself.

We want to hear your stories, and of course see your funny videos and pictures. Got a story? Email teamdogs@reachplc.com.

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