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Police dog catches suspected laptop burglar at CPS office

PD Sox and his handler caught the suspect red-handed at 1am

Leila Marshall

Posted 2 months ago

(Image: Twitter/WYPDogs)

By Leila Marshall

This police dog and his handler must have been a bit surprised when they were called to a burglary – at the Crown Prosecution Service’s office. 

It was the first job of the night for PD Sox and his handler in Leeds in the very early hours of Tuesday morning, and they caught the suspect red-handed. 

West Yorkshire Police Dogs wrote a Tweet about the incident: “When your first job of the night is a call to a burglary and you turn up and catch them red handed coming out of the building with a laptop… and the building is the Crown Prosecution Service’s office.” 

After some emojis crying with laughter, they added: “Bet this one doesn’t get discontinued! #jail #couldntmakeitup” 

They gave an update yesterday (Wednesday), saying: “Having been caught climbing out of a smashed window at one in the morning with a laptop in their hand and then fully admitting the offence on interview, the CPS have asked for the suspect to be bailed so they can assess if there’s enough evidence to charge them.”  

Let’s hope PD Sox and his handler’s work pays off. Well done, PD Sox! 

You can check out the West Yorkshire Police dogs work here.


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