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Police dog catches a man armed with Samurai

Shadow helped to apprehend the man in Leeds


Posted 6 months ago ago

A police dog in West Yorkshire has helped catch a man armed with a Samurai sword.

Police dog and social media favourite, PD Shadow, assisted the West Yorkshire Police firearms team in apprehending the armed man on Sunday Evening in Leeds.

The man had been reported walking around the North Leeds area with an illegal Samurai sword. But thanks to shadow, and a team of specialist officers, he was caught.

In a tweet posted by West Yorkshire Police Dogs with the hashtag #onelessweapon, Shadow’s help was highlighted.

The tweet read: "PD shadow assisted the firearms team last night deal with a male walking around North Leeds with a Samauri sword #onelessweapon".

Selling, making, hiring and importing Samurai swords is illegal since they were banned in 2008. As is carrying a knife in public without having a good reason, unless it has a folding blade with a cutting edge 3 inches long or less.

Great job Shadow!

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