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Police dog can’t help stopping for a snack mid-pursuit

Hilarious footage shows the cheeky animal stealing badger food from a resident’s garden

Tilly Alexander

Posted 2 months ago

PD Albion was caught red-handed snacking on the job (Image: Mike Harradence)

By Tilly Alexander and Josh Sandiford

A police dog took a moment out of his busy work schedule to have a snack - however the food was meant for a badger and PD Albion was supposed to be mid-pursuit!. 

Wildlife enthusiast Mike Harradence, from Shirley, often leaves out breakfast for his local foxes, badgers and other nocturnal animals.

However, he was more than a little surprised to discover that the early-morning treats had been devoured by a police dog on a manhunt. 

The hilarious footage, recorded on Mike’s wildlife cameras, shows the cheeky dog stopping for a bite to eat before being pulled away by his handler, who firmly whispers ‘No.’ 

However, the police dog also appears to return for seconds. 

One of the videos shows the cheeky police dog heading back for a second bite after being pulled away by his handler (Video: Mike Harradence)

Mike wrote on Facebook: “As you will see from the first few videos, Police Officer Gnasher was earning his keep as well as nicking the fox and badger food.

“Hope he didn't get into too much trouble from his handler.”

The culprit was quickly identified as PD Albion thanks to an ‘apology’ Tweet issued by the team at WMP Dog Unit, who said the pup was ‘extremely sorry’. 

Accompanied with an image that showed an ‘I’m sorry’ sign next to PD Albion, it read: "After an extensive and rapid investigation, the #badgerfoodgate culprit has been identified.

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"PD Albion was the perpetrator, having stolen the badger's food.

"As you can see, PD Albion is extremely sorry!"

Hungry Albion has since managed to get himself back into good graces with an adorable video, also shared to Twitter

Thankfully, Mike has very much forgiven the naughty pup, telling TeamDogs : “PD Albion did not need to apologise – the badgers and foxes were very happy.” 

He added: “But maybe not have such big gulps next time so they have a bit left!”

Following the ‘lovely’ apology and video, Mike has set up a GoFundMe to support WMP dogs and help train ‘new recruits’. 

It has so far raised £130 of its £300 goal.

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