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Pets At Home launches spa package for dogs...and it includes a blueberry facial

We all love a bit of pampering, even our pets

Danielle Elton

Posted 6 months ago

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A spa day sounds amazing right now, but unfortunately, this one is just for our dogs.

To celebrate the full reopening of its Groom Room salons this spring, Pets at Home is launching a brand new ‘Pawfectly Sweet’ spa package.

While there might not be a massage insight, the spa experience will help your dog to feel their best and give them the ultimate spring clean. And it even includes a facial.

For just £9 extra per dog with any grooming service, including full grooms or a bath, brush and blow-dry, the ‘Pawfectly Sweet’ spa package is the perfect way to thank your pet for their love and support throughout lockdown.

The service is available now until May 31 and will ensure your furry friend leaves the Pets at Home Groom Room feeling, looking and smelling sweeter than ever. 

Extra treatments include:

  • A limited-edition apricot & kiwi shampoo and spritz
  • Application of teeth clean gel and fresh breath foam
  • A SPA™ blueberry facial to remove tear stains
  • Paw and nose balm

The new spa package also includes a complimentary ‘Pawfectly Sweet’ bandana, so your dog will leave the salon dressed to impress.

Whilst the spa package is the perfect special treat for beloved pets, regular grooming is also an essential part of caring for a dog’s health and wellbeing. 

Pets at Home’s friendly team of qualified groomers will make sure your dog is looking and feeling their best with spring grooms also helping to: 

  • Keep pups’ paws tidy and trim, helping them stay cool as the weather starts to warm up.
  • Help dogs to cope with the temperature change - depending on the time of the year, some dogs may require specific attention to help them cope better with changes in temperature, humidity and the general environment.
  • Prevent matting - dogs tend to shed extra in the spring as they begin to lose their winter coats. Regular grooming will help to not only reduce the amount of shed hair around your home but also prevent painful mats.
  • Clean inside the ears and trim the surrounding fur, which can help to prevent infections
  • Spot any nasty parasites, like fleas and ticks, hiding in their fur - spring marks the start of the flea season, so it’s important to stay on top of your dog’s flea and tick control.
  • Remove any loose grass seeds found in their coat as you start to enjoy the warmer weather together on those long spring walks.

You can book your dog in for this special treatment by visiting

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