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Pampered Maltipoo went from wearing a bow to having her own clothing rail

Bella Mae has always been sassy but recently suffered from a slipped disc causing her to need surgery

Leila Marshall

Posted 33d ago

By Leila Marshall

When Maisie Beauchamp got her little dog Bella-Mae she admits she wasn’t much of a dog person. But Maisie, 19, is now ‘obsessed’ with her Maltipoo pup who has bags of character and a flare for fashion. 

Maisie, who studies hairdressing at college where she lives in Shropshire, has had Bella-Mae since she was a puppy and one day, she got her dog a pink bow to wear.

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Maisie said: “Then I got obsessed, and when I got her first coat I got carried away, and now she’s got her own clothing rail. 

Bella-Mae wearing a tutu on her birthday (Image: Maisie Beauchamp)

 “It all depends on the weather. If it’s sunny then she wears nothing but if it’s cold then jumpers. On her birthday or gotcha days she’ll wear a tutu.” 

 Maisie decided to create an Instagram account for Bella-Mae as a puppy. She said: “My mum suggested to make her a social media during the first pandemic lockdown to cheer people up.” 

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The account for now two-year-old Bella-Mae boasts over a huge 9000 followers that showcases her daily outfits and activities. Maisie had no idea it would blow up the way it has and said she is so grateful. 

A tragic event happened recently which caused heartache for Maisie. She said: “It was very unexpected, but Bella-Mae suffered a slipped disc that crushed on one of her nerves. 

“It caused her back legs to stop working and we had to take her to the emergency vets, and then we had to travel to Birmingham for her surgery, and all of this is costing more than her insurance.” 

Bella wearing her signature pink bow (Image: Maisie Beauchamp)

Maisie has opened a GoFundMe page for Bella-Mae’s surgery costs which she hopes to raise enough money for her treatment. She has updated Bella-Mae’s followers on her Instagram of her progress titled ‘Bella’s journey.’  

Bella-Mae has so far had her stitches removed and can now use one of her back legs, with lots of support. 

You can check out Bella-Mae’s GoFundMe page here. Her Instagram page is @bella_mae_xx 

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