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Online tool calculates how much sleep we’ve lost thanks to our dogs

We can all relate to this

Danielle Elton

Posted 5 months ago ago

Whether you’ve had sleepless nights with your puppy, or they’ve abruptly disturbed your sleep wanting to be fed, I’m sure we can all agree that owning a dog means less sleep, especially in those early days.

And now you can find out exactly just how much shut-eye you might have lost.

With April being National Pet Month, the team at have created an online tool that allows users to see just how much sleep they’ve lost thanks to their pets.

The Lost Sleep Calculator For Pet Owners calculates just how much sleep we Brits are missing out on because of our darling dogs.

It’s common knowledge that having a baby causes new parents to lose sleep, but pets are also guilty of keeping us up at night, with dog owners losing around 330 hours of sleep in the first year of owning their furbabies.

The calculator also reveals other ways we owners have spent our time. In just one year we would have picked up 364 dog poos. And unlike babies, this toilet habit continues throughout their adult life. 

The site also highlights the effects of sleep deprivation on pet owners. One in eight of us admits to accidentally mixing up our dog’s food with our own. That’s what a lack of sleep will do to you.

And a quarter of owners have said goodbye to their dogs and forgotten about their spouse when leaving in the morning.

We can all relate to that!

Lucy Askew, the spokesperson for, commented: “It’s easy to forget just how much owning a pet can turn your life upside down, and this tool just shows that. 

“We love our pets, and everything that comes with them, but it is slightly worrying to hear that people are accidentally eating pet food!”

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