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One woman and her dogs travel over 3000 miles in a van

Pet photographer and her whippets set out on an epic journey

Louisa Gregson

Posted 3 months ago ago



It was a case of one woman and her dogs as intrepid explorer Kerry Jordan drove over 3000 miles around the UK in a campervan with her whippets.

Kerry, 42, made the exciting decision to spend a month travelling around the UK in a van with Bertie, 5, and Shadow, 9, after separating from her husband in January.

And the professional pet photographer said they were wonderful company - always lifting her spirits.

She said: “I separated from my husband in January after 22 years together and 12 years married.

“When we sold the house I decided to get away from it all for a while and rent a self contained camper van and travel round the UK with my two whippets. 

“The first two weeks were pretty hard, getting used to such a big van, but a small space.

“Then there were all the things you need to remember to make the van work and my lack of navigation skills. 

“I then did some off grid camping, which I loved and really settled into it.”

 Kerry visited Cornwall, The Shropshire Hills, The Yorkshire Dales, The Peak District, The Lake District, Northumberland, Newcastle, The North York Moors and Norfolk. 

She said: “It was fantastic to have [the dogs] with me, they always lift my spirits. 

“It was nice having them to talk to and they gave me a sense of purpose - it wasn’t all about me.

“I’m now looking at purchasing my own van to do a longer period of time with the dogs.”

Kerry, from West Sussex, who has her own photography business FurandFables, said she loved just being with her dogs for a month saying: “I am quite a confident person but I am an introvert.

“The main thing was to be outdoors as much as possible.

“The first week was quite intense as you are learning so much about a different way of life.

“It was great finding some incredible spots to wake up to and to sunset to.

“I learned to relax into a situation. I had to adapt and be in the moment.”

Kerry used campsites and also off grid camping areas, where she could park the van.

Her advice for anyone considering a similar trip would be to make sure you buy a specific first aid kit for dogs, take a dog bed you can pack up, think about how bulky your dog toys are….. and don’t forget a map.

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