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Obese dog suffering from cancer fit and well after new diet and chemotherapy

Murphy had his leg amputated but is now healthy and happy

Katie Collier

Posted 3 months ago

Murphy before chemotherapy and surgery. (Image: Gabi Marvin/Simon Galloway/SWNS)

By Matt Clibanoff  

It’s never nice to see a dog suffering, so we’re glad to hear Murphy, who was once obese and had cancer, is now slim, happy and agile after going on a diet and receiving five rounds of chemotherapy. 

The nine-year-old Pitbull was severely overweight last year and weighed over 80 pounds. He developed arthritis in his front right leg, limiting his ability to exercise and making it difficult for him to stay healthy.  

Gabi Marvin, 31, an HR specialist from Bowie, Maryland, USA, said: “He was eating a lot of table food. I always gave him healthy food, but I didn’t properly adjust it to the amount of exercise he was getting.” 

Last summer, the unthinkable happened. Murphy was diagnosed with cancer in his arthritic leg and he had it amputated in July. 

But the resilient pooch underwent five rounds of chemo and was declared fully cancer-free in February.  

Murphy is happy and doing well now. (Image: Gabi Marvin/Simon Galloway/SWNS)

Gabi added: “The doctor never really told me how much his weight would affect his amputation. The skin around the amputation died and was full of fat, so he needed two subsequent surgeries after losing his leg.”  

At this point, Gabi knew she had to make a change in Murphy’s diet and signed up for The Farmer’s Dog, a gourmet dog food delivery service.  

“The Farmer’s Dog was a game-changer. I give them 95 per cent of the credit. He lost 22 pounds and now weighs a healthy 58 pounds.  

“Now that he’s cancer-free and a healthy weight, he’s so much more active, even though he’s an old man. He can jump. He moves so quickly. There were some nights when I didn’t think he was gonna make it, but he looks great now.  

“He’s a real fighter, but if he ever has trouble with the stairs or anything, I’ll carry him in a basket. I like to say he gets free rides for life.” 

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