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Nine gorgeous photos of your dogs with the cutest wrinkles

We can’t get enough of these chunky rolls!

Millie Reeves

Posted 40d ago

By Nia Dalton

Humans will often do anything to avoid wrinkles - but our dogs are a completely different story. From chunky puppy skin to mature rolls and wrinkly noses, we can’t get enough of them!

Pugs, French Bulldogs, Shar Peis and Mastiffs are just a few wrinkly dog breeds that send our cute-o-meters into overdrive. We want to scoop them up and stroke their beautiful rolls until the end of time!

If wrinkly dogs make your heart melt, you’ll love these nine gorgeous photos of dogs with the cutest wrinkles. 

All of them were taken from our favourite TeamDogs’ Pics of Dogs page. Do you have a chunky, rolly polly pup? Share the love and upload your own picture. 

This is Domino. He is lazy, squishy and downright beautiful. *Instantly changes lock screen*

(Image: Kimberley Calder)

This baby Bully makes all our puppy dreams come true.

(Image: Frank Gonzalez)

This is Mei Mei. She is covered in wrinkles from head to toe and practically perfect in every way.

(Image: Bee)

This is five-month-old Bleu. We could stare at his nose crinkles forever and ever.

(Image: Lucy Hardy)

This is Dexter Kirby. He is chunky but funky.

(Image: Tammy)

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This is Poppy. She believes the deeper the wrinkles, the cuter the pup.

(Image: Poppy Nimmo)

This is Skyla. She knows if she stands there long enough, you’ll scoop her up for snuggles.

(Image: Laura Whitfield)

This is Norman. Norman’s had enough of you calling him cute. Is it dinner time yet?

(Image: David Leese)

This is Spencer. Spencer has so many rolls, he made his own scarf. It attracts all the ladies.

(Image: Mel Q)

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