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Newfoundland Ted goes camping for the first time in West Wales

Wholesome TikTok montage shares everything Ted got up to in the wild

Nia Dalton

Posted 46d ago

Newfoundland Ted shares his first time camping in West Wales in this wholesome TikTok montage - and we love it just as much as he does.

Ted’s owner compared him to a “bear in the woods” as he ran freely in open fields, met horses for the first time and slept in a tent outdoors. 

In the video that has been viewed more than 70,000 times, three-year-old Ted is captured poking his black furry head out of the car window, on route to West Wales. 

The first thing he does when he arrives is scamper through the open green fields. Then, he’s spotted face to face with horses for the first time - but doesn’t seem scared at all.

Ted is videoed outside his tent, slurping water and chewing on bones. He wanders through the trees as his owner describes him as a “bear in the woods”. 

(Image: TikTok/ @brodiethatdood)

“It’s so peaceful, I love camping” the video is captioned - “even when it rained”. 

Ted looks so happy throughout the entire montage, and the end concludes “roll on the next trip”. 

If only we could all join Ted in the wilderness!

The TikTok post was titled “GB camping” and users were quick to comment on the trip.

“You look like you had so much fun,” one said.

“Living your best life,” one commented. 

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The big Newfoundland was compared to a bear and even the horses. 

(Image: TikTok/ @brodiethatdood)

“He’s almost as big as one of the horses,” someone spotted. 

“He does look like a bear,” another agreed.

A TikTok user suggested: “You could’ve had a teddy bear picnic in the woods!”

The TikTok account Ted the Newfoundland has more than 231,000 followers and documents the three-year-old dog’s life.

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