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National shortage of wellies leaves some soggy doggy owners in despair

Wellies appear to have been given the boot

Louisa Gregson

Posted 3 months ago ago


The sunshine has finally arrived and weeks have gone by with very little rainfall, so it’s time to finally pack up your wellies…...if you have any.

A national shortage of wellington boots has been blamed on Brexit and supply chain issues - although the majority of the shortage seems to come from weather conditions affecting the growth of the raw materials needed to make them.

Combine that with a huge increase in dog owners during lockdown along with a rather soggy few months and it’s become quite an issue for those of us who have no choice but to trudge through muddy parks and boggy beaches with our beloved pooches - but can’t find suitable footwear.

The findings come from Cliverton who provide insurance for pet related industries.

They said: “We know the struggles of trampling through the mud and rain with our dogs.  

“A good pair of wellies is an essential in every shoe cupboard, especially if you are a regular walker or visitor to the countryside.

“Recently on a radio station several people were interviewed who were struggling with the boot shortage and had improvised accordingly, the most notable one being a dog walker that had to cover her regular boots in four plastic carrier bags.

“We’re glad that the sunshine is finally here and we can pack our wellies (if we’re lucky enough to have any) firmly away until later this year.” 

Yep, we too are glad to have given the seemingly never ending rain the boot for now….

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