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My dog is far from prim and proper but he doesn't need to prove he's a posh pooch

A recent study claimed people prefer certain breeds of dogs because they are posh but what exactly does that mean and does it matter

Charlotte Regen

Posted 2 months ago ago

I have recently become a dog owner and it's been amazing watching my pup's personality and character develop over the last four months.

He is a Golden Retriever and he has such a beautiful temperament and is always 'happy' as many people have told me whenever they see him.

But after seeing an article by The Telegraph on whether people choose breeds based on 'posh' reputations I was stunned.

I thought 'really? how on earth could a dog be posh?', but then it boils down to the owner and how the dog is treated and trained - in my personal opinion.

I am by far not posh at all. I have the broadest Black Country accent ever and even moving to Leeds for three years to go to university couldn't put a dent in this twang.

So my dog was never going prim and proper. But I have taught him to sit and wait as I put his food bowl down and he can only eat when I say 'okay then'.

He sits and gives paw on command and I'd like to think that this means I have taught him some doggy manners.

But is he posh? Not in the slightest. He's excitable, clumsy and likes to poo in the middle of the road - however, he is poo shy at other people's houses (see what I mean about manners).

He doesn't turn his nose up at anything, he's the biggest sock thief, he loves to shred my underwear to pieces and bury it in the huge holes he digs in the garden - so in short, he's exactly what you'd expect a dog to be.

But how does a dog even become posh? I suppose they could be posh if they sit proudly in their pram or handbag, or if they walk along the road delicately with their head held high.

Or is it down to what they are fed? Does using the most expensive upmarket dog food make them posh? Or whether they have a super expensive diamond-encrusted lead and collar?

Does where the dog lives make a difference? Is a dog who lives in a stately home any better than one who lives on a council estate?

Or are some breeds just generally posher than others?

In the article, it said according to pet shops cockapoos are the dogs that are most in demand in London’s sought after areas. This is because of their lack of shedding and easy temperament.

Meanwhile, Frenchies or French bulldogs have become a favourite in Soho - despite being apparently frowned upon by older posh people.

The Telegraph says these are the definitive ranking of posh dogs:

1. Black, yellow or chocolate Labradors

2. Rescue dogs

3. Whippets

4. Cocker spaniels

5. Miniature dachshunds

6. Pugs

7. Great Danes

8. Corgis

9. Jack Russells

10. Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Personally, I'm fuming because where are the Golden Retrievers? How can you miss out the BEST dogs in the world? Of course, I am joking because all dogs are wonderful and amazing.

It doesn't matter whether a dog is posh or not because they all have tonnes of love to give and you should choose a breed to suit your lifestyle and not what is on 'trend' or deemed as posh.