Morty’s impressive tricks include a trust fall and playing games like Jenga | TeamDogs

Morty’s impressive tricks include a trust fall and playing games like Jenga

The Australian shepherd can also do a handstand and other gymnastics skills

Caroline Abbott

Posted 28d ago

By Harrison Moore

Five-year-old Australian shepherd Morty is one of the most talented dogs we’ve seen – he can play games including Jenga and Connect Four better than most of us. And he clearly has a very special bond with his owner, as he even performs a trust fall.

The clever dog learnt his first trick – bringing his owner a cold beer from the fridge – when he was just eight months old.

Morty performs a trust fall (left) and does tricks with his owner (Image: Florian Beck/SWNS)

Florian Beck, 29, spends countless hours training Morty a variety of harder tricks including playing board games and doing gymnastics.

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The mechatronic engineering student decided to film videos of Morty’s tricks and they have become increasingly popular with dog lovers around the world. His Instagram account now boasts around 7,000 followers.

Florian and Morty playing Connect Four (Image: Florian Beck/SWNS)

Florian, who lives with his girlfriend and her two dogs in Stuttgart, Germany, explained: "When I got Morty at 11 weeks old, I knew straight away he was super intelligent.

"At first, I just taught him to bring me a beer and jump from couch to couch, but he learned it all so quickly so things naturally progressed.

"I love making videos with him, and I plan to teach him even more sophisticated tricks in the future."

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