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The heartwarming moment rescue dog realises she's been adopted

Athena has left millions of TikTok viewers in tears

Hannah Hastings

Posted 32d ago

There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing you’ve made a real difference in somebody’s life.

This is especially true for those who are unable to tell you their thoughts and feelings – and rely on you to keep them safe.

Rescue dog Athena has captured people’s hearts after displaying pure joy at the realisation she was being adopted.

She has left millions of TikTok viewers in tears as they recognised the life-changing moment in the little pup’s life. 

During the heartwarming footage, a subtitle appears says "Athena realising she's not just going for a walk" while a slow emotional piano tune plays in the background.

A brown and white canine is seen walking and jumping around excitedly to go for a walkabout with a man, woman and young boy in Ohio, USA.

As the family walks over to their car and the boot slowly opens up, the dog suddenly stops in almost disbelief that she is going into the vehicle.

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The moment Athena the dog realises that she has been adopted and finally has a family (Credit: TikTok @adpoptingdogs)

A second subtitle then appears saying: "It now hits her that she now has a home and a family." 

The four-legged friend then jumps around in delight wagging her tail as her new owners prepare her for the journey home.

Since uploading the clip to the video sharing site, more than 10 million people have viewed Athena's happy ending.

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Thousands of dog lovers who watched the touching moment left their reactions in the comments section.

One person said: "She looks so much part of the family already."

Another TikTok user said: "The way she stops in her tracks like ‘wait, I'm going home?’

"I'm so happy for that puppy, hope she lives the rest of her life happy."

Since the start of the UK lockdown back in March 2020, the number of dogs who have been adopted has increased by 14.7 per cent.

Watford was named the number one area in the UK for adoptions in July 2021 with Bristol ranked second.

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