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Missing people located thanks to police dogs

The dogs are highly trained in tracking scents


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(Credit - @gpdogsection)

It’s not only drugs, evidence and suspects that police dogs can sniff out, they can also help in the search for missing people.

While any dog can enjoy scentwork, police dogs are highly trained in using their noses to follow a scent. Also known as tracking. 

This skill can be used to locate missing people.

In the Staffordshire area, PD Ellis managed to successfully track down a missing person all within minutes of arriving on the scene.

Working alongside Staffordshire Police, The National Police Air Service, West Midlands Police drone pilots and Forces Response, Ellis managed to locate the person safe and well.

In South Wales, PD Blod and her handler managed to track down a vulnerable missing person ‘neck deep in water’ under a bridge. Blod tracked through woodland, open ground and then more woodland before eventually finding the person.

Elsewhere in Wales, Gwent police dog Toby helped locate a high-risk missing person.

Following a 40-minute hard surface track and lots of contamination, the individual was located.

And in Gloucester another vulnerable person was found by police dog Nika and handler PC Shields.

After the young female went missing from her home, Nika found her on Robinswood Hill.

It just goes to show how valuable police dogs are to the forces and communities they serve.

What clever dogs!

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