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Meghan and Harry’s rescue dogs Guy and Pula

Here's everything we know about them!


Posted 6 months ago ago

Photo: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

In cutaway scenes shown between the tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey, viewers caught a glimpse of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s two rescue dogs in their LA home.

Guy and Pula could be seen at Harry and Meghan’s heels as they showed Oprah into the chicken coop - named Archie’s Chick Inn - offering a peek into their new, independent life.

Rescue beagle Guy went from a Kentucky animal shelter to Kensington Palace, brushing paws with the Royal family.

Meghan adopted the pooch around a year before meeting Prince Harry, and flew him to the UK in 2017 shortly before their engagement.

The now-Royal pup even got his own children’s book detailing his ascent to fame, entitled His Royal Dogness, Guy the Beagle: The Rebarkable True Story of Meghan Markle’s Rescue Dog.

But Meghan’s other dog, a labrador-shepherd cross, Bogart, stayed in Canada with friends as a result of his age, and supposedly not taking to Harry.

After the Royal wedding, Meghan and Harry welcomed another four-legged member of the family - and there’s the sweetest story behind his name.

The female black labrador is called Pula, which is the currency of Botswana - the commonwealth country where Harry took Meghan on their third date in 2016.

The couple returned to the country a year later to assist with elephant conservation alongside Dr Mike Chase.

Pula also means ‘rain’ in Setswana, where it rarely rains, therefore is seen as valuable.

Guy and Pula were flown out to Canada in November 2019 when Meghan and Harry took a six-week break from royal duties, and joined them in Los Angeles when they moved south shortly before the first coronavirus lockdown.

The pooches seem more than content with their lives with the Duke and Duchess, and are said to be doted on by little Archie. They’re also set to be joined by Archie’s little sister in summer, as the couple’s baby’s gender was revealed to Oprah in the interview.

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