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Meet the Lab in sunglasses who loves riding across lakes in a kayak

Mattis lives the life of luxury as he is paddled around by his owner

Leila Marshall

Posted 2 months ago

(Image: Judy Callen/SWNS)

By Matt Clibanoff

We know Labs adore the water, but this cool pup takes it to another level. Mattis loves nothing more than donning a pair of shades and hitching a ride in his owner’s kayak.  

The three-year-old English Yellow Labrador sits serenely while his owner Judy Callen paddles him across the lakes of New Hampshire in the USA. 

He has even kayaked over Judy’s front garden after it was flooded by Hurricane Elsa earlier this month.  

“I started putting him in the kayak when he was about 14 weeks old,” said Judy, 58, a salesperson from Derry in New Hampshire. “He’s so used to it. We try to keep his weight down so he can fit in the kayak, and right now he’s pretty comfy. 

“Sometimes I take him out on the Massabesic Reservoir or Beaver Lake. One of my videos was actually shot in the front yard, because of flooding from Hurricane Elsa.”   

Judy said that training Mattis took little more than giving him a few minutes of practice each day. She said: “It’s all done through touches and positive reinforcement. If your dog shows interest in an object and you touch it, you can shape their behaviour. He’s never been yelled at. A dog doesn't need that. They just need consistency and structure. It’s all positive reinforcement and treats. There are no stupid dogs, just stupid owners.” 

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