Meet the dogs of TeamDogs | TeamDogs

Meet the dogs of TeamDogs

We've got pups of all shapes and sizes

At Team Dogs, we’re dedicated to our four-legged best friends and how we can help them live their best lives.

Our dog-loving writers have pooches of their own, and we appreciate they come in all shapes, sizes and personalities.

Here’s a little bit about the canine companions behind Team Dogs, helping their paw-rents put together recommendations and articles across the UK. Be sure to follow them.


Tommy enjoys snoozing, barking, chasing squirrels and hanging his head out of the car window and feeling the wind in his golden locks.

The five-year-old pooch loves to be wherever his mum - Ceri Gould Thomas - is, you know, just to keep her safe.

The pooch has been involved in marathon training with his paw-rent, but may have also chewed up some shows before the next run...

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Bryn - named after the Welsh opera singer Bryn Terfel - is a black, hypoallergenic cockapoo who lives with his paw-rents.

Bryn’s dad is asthmatic and suffers with sensitive skin, making him the perfect breed - as well as being adorable.

The fluffy pup loves cuddles with mum, and sausages, which he will show off whenever treats are involved.

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Six-month-old Suggs lives by the beach, and loves getting his paws sandy.

The puppy is named after the ska band Madness’ lead singer - and lives up to the name with his non-stop playfulness.

The inquisitive canine loves food, causing chaos, and meeting other dogs, as well as splashing in rock pools and playing hide and seek.

You’ll often find Suggs sporting a bandana - because every dog needs accessories!

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Handsome Rafferty, aged three, enjoys chasing a tennis ball and splashing in streams.

The Basset Fauve de Bretagne has the ability to smell a fox from a mile away but uses his impressive nose to sniff out Quavers from baby prams or find socks from the bottom of the laundry basket.

He can destroy a chew toy in 20 minutes, so his mum is always on the lookout for more durable, indestructible toys.

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Molly the Dalmatian is 18 months old and loves nothing more than running through the countryside and practicing her recall - only for the best treats, though.

She also enjoys barking at people outside the house, food, and destroying soft toys.

Her favourite food is cheese, and fish skins, best enjoyed lounging across the sofa whilst watching TV.


Whisky is a big fan of walkies, and best of all, off-lead zoomies around big fields, or group walks with his dog walker, where he can meet up with his mates.

The pooch is well known for his ‘boff’ - not quite a bark, nor a growl, but somewhere in between. Often used to tell off the neighbours, or the suspicious tumble dryer.

He’s a dog that knows what he likes, with a refined pooch palette (his Dad - James O’Reilly - just says he’s fussy)

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