Brilliant Byson is the new face of TeamDogs for September | TeamDogs

Brilliant Byson is the new face of TeamDogs for September

He loves chicken strips and afternoon naps

Fiona Callow

Posted 53d ago

Say hello to your new TeamDogs mascot! His name is Byson, he loves chicken strips and afternoon naps and can now add being the FIRST EVER TeamDogs mascot to his CV.

Byson is a Staffordshire Bulldog Cross, is seven-years-old and lives in Andover, Hampshire, with his loving owner Sophie Rush, her partner Matthew Curtis, and his dog sibling Lulu.

And it was this photo of his this darling boy - along with the story of a rather awful six months - which got the most likes from you all.

The photo of Byson which was the most liked on TeamDogs in August

That means that Byson will be our TeamDogs mascot for the entirety of September - and he's had a professional photoshoot too to make sure we capture all of his best angles.

If you think your dog could be our next mascot then all you need to do is submit their photo to the picture section of the website (and make sure you get everyone to vote for them!)

So what makes a winning dog?

Owner Sophie told TeamDogs: “He is the biggest, soppiest softie ever. He is the laziest dog when he wants to be. He would sit on your knee under a blanket all day.

“Every day at 4pm we go for an afternoon nap.”

While he now has a warm and welcoming home, Byson has lived through his fair share of hardship. He was rescued by Battersea Dogs Home as a stray about four years ago and has recently overcome a battle with cancer.

Byson loves his regular afternoon naps (Image: Sophie Rush)

It was during one of his regular snoozes that Sophie discovered a jump of the back of Bryson’s leg and ear. The couple took him to the vets and after a nervous week’s wait, their worst fears were confirmed when they were told Byson had cancer.

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Although he didn’t need chemotherapy, he required urgent surgery to remove the lumps, which then had to be constantly monitored for healing before he could have a skin graft.

The lump in his ear was treated by surgery only performed on around 100 dogs previously- and it came to be through surprising means.

Sophie said: “The intern from the vets came through and told us the surgeon went home and at night it came to him in his dream.”

Byson celebrates getting the all-clear (Image: Sophie Rush)

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The recovery process lasted for three months post-surgery and was a difficult time for both dog and owners.

Sophie said: “It was tough for him, and us. He just wanted to hide, it was horrible.”

Two weeks earlier they had just adopted Lulu, who is also a Staffordshire mix, so the couple were trying to balance acclimatising Lulu and helping Byson who had to wear a plaster and boot, which needed constant care. 

Part of his rehabilitation has been taking him for short walks each day on the lead, unusual for adventurous Byson who loves to explore off the lead at the dog park.

Luckily Byson is now on the mend (Image: Sophie Rush)

However, he is now starting to get back to his usual self, including annoying his younger sister Lulu. Attaboy Byson!

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Sophie added: “A lot of people see him in the street and cross the road because he’s a Staffie cross, he’s built like a tank. It makes me sad because Staffies have such a bad name but he’s the biggest softie ever. I think I’ll always have a Staff.”

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